Emotionally Gripping Trailer for New Drama Film ‘Blue Bayou’

Justin Chon and Alicia Vikander star as a couple trying to save their family from being torn apart in Blue Bayou.

Chon plays a Korean-American family man with a sketchy past who faces deportation after a run-in with the law.

The hard-working, seemingly reformed stepfather must confront his past to keep his family together while facing a tough road ahead.

Justin Chon writes and directs this moving drama film which touches upon themes of racial tensions, redemption, and family connections in a unique relationship dynamic.

The trailer for Blue Bayou is gripping and emotionally investing, suggesting a heavy story that will pull at the heartstrings while raising some questions to debate over post-viewing.

Chon’s character seems to have moved on from his criminal past yet faces severe persecution for something for the wrong reasons.

Not being born in America sees him face severe punishment if convicted – deportation.

This type of persecution should have audiences talking; is deportation fair considering the character has lived in America for over thirty years and is a loving family-man, removed from his the errors made in his past?

We’ll need to wait until the film’s release on 18 November to determine the arguments for and against before discussing that question.

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