Blake Lively Plays a Woman Out for Revenge in ‘The Rhythm Section’

Blake Lively plays a regular woman-turned ruthless hit-woman in the upcoming action revenge-drama, The Rythm Section.

Blake Lively is Stephanie Patrick, a woman whose family is killed in a plane crash – an event that sends her down a dark path of despair.

She later finds out that the plane crash was in fact orchestrated, and vows to seek revenge on the people that killed her family.

She finds tutelage in the form of a mentor character played by Jude Law, who teaches her the art of killing, and then begins her dangerous mission.

There’s a big 90s spy-movie vibe to The Rythm Section, which makes sense considering the film comes from the producers of the James Bond films.

The plot is essentially a rehashing of many revenge-driven action-movie plots, and Lively appears to have the goods to carry this film on her shoulders.

We know what we’re getting with a film like this and audiences should not be expecting a lot more than a good old fashioned bit of violent movie fun.

The action sequences look well-choreographed and the cinematography seems nice, so whether or not the story holds up, The Rythm Section looks like it will have some redeeming qualities.

The film co-stars Sterling K. Brown and is directed by Reed Morano.

It’s due to arrive in cinemas on 20 February 2020.

Check out the trailer below.

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