‘Blade Runner 2049’ – First Trailer for New Ryan Gosling Film

Check out the first trailer for the upcoming science-fiction film Blade Runner 2049, starring Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford and Jared Leto.

The first official trailer below gives us virtually nothing in terms of plot, but rather chooses to focus on the film’s visuals, along with a small glimpse of some of the characters to be featured in the film.

It’s our first look at Jared Leto in his role as what appears to be some type of cyborg character, and we’re also given quick looks at the extended cast of characters played by Ana de Armas, Dave Bautista, Robin Wright and Mackenzie Davis.

Judging by this first trailer, it’s fair to say the film will look absolutely stunning and is sure to feature some deep philosophical themes.

The film is directed by Denis Villeneuve, who directed one of 2016’s standout films Arrival (see my review here), so we can be sure to expect plenty of twists and turns in Blade Runner.

For anyone unaware, Blade Runner 2049 is set 30 years after the events of the first Blade Runner film that came out over 30 years ago.

That film was directed by Ridley Scott (who is executive producing this follow-up) and went on to become a cinematic classic, so Villeneuve has some pretty big shoes to fill.

Blade Runner 2049 hits cinemas on 5 October 2017, check out the trailer below.

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