Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow Finally Gets Her Own Film – Trailer

Scarlett Johansson reprises her role as the Marvel superhero, Black Widow, in the upcoming origin film of the same name from Australian director Cate Shortland.

Black Widow follows the story of super-spy Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow (Johansson) and her exploits in the United States, fifteen years after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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As a child, Romanoff was given up to the KGB to groom her to become the ultimate weapon and later, they set out to kill her for reasons unknown as yet (though it always seems to be the case in these spy-thrillers, doesn’t it?).

The action-packed trailer introduces us to some new characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Black Widow’s extended spy family members Yelena, played by Florence Pugh, David Harbour’s Red Guardian and Rachel Weisz’ Melina.

We don’t know who the big-bad of this film is yet from this first teaser trailer, but it appears to be some shady organisation.

Black Widow looks like a lot of fun and retains the tone of all prior Marvel films, in that there’s drama, humour and plenty of action and adventure.

We can see that there will be some jaw-dropping set-pieces which is expected and makes the cinematic experience all that much more worth it.

This film marks the first entry into Marvel Studios’ upcoming Phase Four series of films after Phase Three recently ended with Avengers: Endgame (2019).

It’ll surely set up the big overarching story for Marvel’s next ten-year narrative, which is something fans will be eagerly anticipating.

Black Widow is directed by Australian Cate Shortland, whose past credits include Somersault (2004), Lore (2012) and Berlin Syndrome (2017).

The film arrives in cinemas on 30 April 2020.

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