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‘Bad Santa 2’ – Teaser Trailer

The teaser for the comedy film Bad Santa 2 starring Billy Bob Thornton and directed by Mark Waters has just dropped today.

The short video doesn’t reveal much but it does give us a look at the humour in store for the film, with a hilarious little zinger at the end.

Bad Santa 2 comes to us thirteen years after the first film, directed by Terry Zwigoff, was released and was met with a positive reception.

Billy Bob Thornton returns to the role as Willie Stokes, a Santa impersonator with a chip on his shoulder.

Joining him in the sequel are Kathy Bates, Tony Cox (also reprising his role) and Christina Hendricks.

The film is directed by Mark Waters, who also directed 2004’s outstanding cult-classic comedy film, Mean Girls.

It’s due out 23 November 2016 in the USA and we’ll post more details and the full trailer when it comes out.

IMDB Synopsis:

An adventure with Santa impersonator Willie Stokes.

Nick Janks