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Author: Tina Tsironis

A keen lover of old-school slashers and all movies ultra-twisty, Tina Tsironis is a hyperactive writer excited to critique and unpack any kind of movie within any kind of genre.

Deserted Island Movie Collection: Disney's animated films.

Best movie snack: Mint Choc-top.

‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ – Review

When you’re about to watch a Transformers film, you know what to expect: cars turning into robots, sexualised women, and explosions a-plenty. The fifth vehicle (pun definitely intended) of the Transformers, Transformers: The Last Knight, doesn’t exceed expectations – it merely fulfils them.

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‘The Eagle Huntress’ – Review

Animal carcasses, purple nail polish, harsh, remote mountains, and a giggly 13-year-old girl. To view these facets of the 2016 documentary The Eagle Huntress in isolation, is to assume that they wouldn’t mesh ‘properly’ together. After all, what would the bleak Altai mountains have to do with a female living through her first year of teenagerdom? Plenty, as you soon will learn.

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