'12 Strong' – Review

12 Strong is Hollywood’s annual patriotic blockbuster; this film fits in the same category as movies like Lone Survivor (2013), 13 hours (2016) and American Sniper (2014).


Netflix and… Shhh! I Want to Watch This!

‘Netflix and chill’ is one of today’s most popular euphemisms playfully used when two adults want to enjoy one another’s company. As per the intentions of Netflix and chill, the chill side of things tends to attract the most emphasis.


'The Disaster Artist' – Review

The Disaster Artist tells the story of the making-of Tommy Wiseau’s 2003 film The Room. For those of you who aren’t familiar with The Room or Tommy Wiseau, let me enlighten you.


'Only the Brave' – Review

Only the Brave tells the story of real-life firefighters the Yarnell Valley Hot Shots; an elite firefighting crew who work on the front line of bushfires, battling the blaze directly.


'Better Watch Out' – Review

The home invasion horror sub-genre has been stuck in a rut for several years with a lot of narratives following familiar structures, relying on cheap scares to frighten audiences. Thankfully Better Watch Out breathes some much-needed fresh air into the genre and the audience are treated to a refreshing take on the home invasion movie.