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Author: Roberto Ortuso

I'm a film reviewer based in Sydney, Aus and I've been in love with movies for as long as I can remember. The way their stories resonate with audiences worldwide is a marvel that anyone can admire and enjoy.

Deserted Island Movie Collection: The films of Martin Scorsese.

Best Movie Snack: Maltesers.

‘Inland Empire’ – Throwback Classic Film Review

After a 5 year hiatus, David Lynch returns with Inland Empire, a work so surreal it makes his 2001 masterpiece, Mulholland Drive, look like a linear and straightforward narrative. A film so intense, that it develops a mind of its own. Going deeper and deeper into the nightmare, the Lynchian comeback blurs the line between what’s real and what’s not.

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‘Dead Ringers’ – Throwback Classic Film Review

Throughout their life an equilibrium had been maintained between Beverly and Elliot Mantle (Jeremy Irons), identical twins who work as gynaecologists. Specialising in female fertility, the charming and more charismatic of the duo — Elliot — seduces members of their clientele, sleeps with them and then passes them on to his shy, sensitive other half — Beverly, without any of the women realising the change.

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‘Hell or High Water’ – Review

You’re a young man, you struggle to keep a roof over your head and support two young kids and an ex-wife’s child support in 21st century Texas. Enter your brother, an ex-convict with a history of bank robberies and a penchant for breaking the law — this is Hell Or High Water, the story of two brothers who must pay off their family ranch before it’s seized by the bank.

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‘V/H/S 2’ – Found Footage Films – Spotlight

The sequel to the groundbreaking V/H/S (which showcases short films over a frame narrative), V/H/S 2 tells the story of two private detectives assigned to find a missing college kid by a distraught mother. They sneak into the boy’s house and find stacks of tapes (you know how this story continues).

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