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Author: Nathan Milne

Nathan Milne is an opinionated writer, actor, blogger and movie buff based in Melbourne.

Deserted Island Movie Collection: Hamlet (the Kenneth Branagh one), Ruby Sparks, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Sweeney Todd and The Lady in the Van.

Best Movie Snack: Boysenberry Choc Top

‘Diana (2013)’ – Throwback Review of an Underrated Film

Princess Diana’s (Naomi Watts) life has hit rock bottom since her separation from Prince Charles. Unable to see much of her sons, labelled a public enemy by the Royal Family, and always seen as a bankable bimbo by the tabloids, Diana’s once fairytale lifestyle has been reduced to one of isolation, guilt and crippling un-fulfilment.

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‘Lemon’ – Review

Isaac’s life has reached the lowest of lows; his acting career is going downhill; his acting students are having better luck at the big-time than him; his vision-impaired girlfriend of 10 years is about to leave him and his own family sees him as a massive disappointment. And even as he takes a chance on a new romance, Isaac struggles to define his place in a world that seemingly wants him to suffer.

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‘The Glenrowan Affair (1951)’ – Throwback Classic Film Review

There’s one thing greater than seeing a cinematic masterpiece, and that’s seeing a cinematic trainwreck! No matter how many times we tell ourselves that we, as modern cinema goers, are highbrow folk who prefer films that are tasteful and inspiring, we all LOVE a good Z-grade flick.

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‘The Story of the Kelly Gang (1906)’ – Throwback Classic Film Review

Silent films are often given a wonky reputation by modern cinema buffs. Whenever we think of the genre, we immediately conjure up images of clownish-looking performers behaving like mimes having a seizure, or production designs and direction that are so unnatural and dated that you can’t help but laugh, or roll your eyes at its unintentional silliness. By today’s standards, silent films are looked down upon as a dead genre, only ever being acknowledged during academic studies or analytical mockery. The cinema fans of today rarely warm up to classic cinema the same way they would warm up to Deadpool (2016) or Moonlight (2016).

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‘Coriolanus’ – Throwback Classic Film Review

The history of cinema has known many great adaptations of the works of William Shakespeare. 1948 brought us the big screen version of Hamlet; 1968 brought us Romeo and Juliet; 1989 gave us Henry V; and now, it is time for us to welcome the latest great Shakespearean feature film, that most definitely deserves to be given as much popularity as the mentioned adaptions of the past – 2011’s Coriolanus!

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