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Author: Chas Farrow

A man who likes films so much… He married one.

Deserted Island Movie Collection: Undoubtedly has to be the collected works of Arnold Grossman, in particular the 2015 film ‘The Boat Builder’ starring Christopher Lloyd.

Best Movie Snack: Roasted Coconut. Wait? Are we still on the deserted island?

‘Unsane’ – Review

You know that feeling when you go to the cinema by yourself? There’s a group in the row behind gossiping mindlessly. You had arranged to meet someone, who cancelled, now you are alone. The empty seats beside you take on a further quality of distance and isolation. The whispering voices of others synchronise with your own subconscious fears. Then the film starts.

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‘Abracadabra’ – Review

Abracadabra is screening as part of the 21st Spanish Film Festival in Australia, which is looking to be a fantastic event, with a variety of interesting films to showcase, an opening night gala and afterparty with Torres wines, tapas and live entertainment, and closing with Oscar winner Guillermo Del Toro’s Spanish masterpiece, Pan’s Labyrinth (2006).

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Revisiting ‘Grabbers’ (2012) – Comedy and Horror in Good Proportions

In the junkyard of films you’ve already watched, and the backlog of recommendations one never seems to have time to sift through, some movies seem to rise from the wasteland with the more time that passes, and they cement themselves as monolithic precedents of the best of the genre – one such film is 2012’s horror-comedy, Grabbers.

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‘The Ritual’ – Netflix Original Review

Netflix recently dropped The Ritual – a suave British horror movie which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. The film represents a sophistication in style for modern horror, with it’s True-Detective-deer-stag-horn, Blair-Witch-sticks, Wicker-Man aesthetic, and just a dash of Yellow Brick Road (2010).

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‘Nightmare: Return To Elm Street’ – Fan Trailers for Fictional Film

Freddy Kreuger is getting conjured back again from his nightmare realm, for another (hopeful) remake, with fan and aspiring director Domonic Smith following the welcome trend of increased diversity, and the multicultural casting remake trend of modern horror movies.

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‘A Futile and Stupid Gesture’ – Netflix Original Review

Those, like me, who weren’t alive in the 1970’s won’t remember the heyday of National Lampoon magazine. As a collector of satirical magazines like Mad, and Punch, I’d go so far to suggest that one thing A Futile and Stupid Gesture, the Netflix biopic about Doug Kenney, co-creator and lifeforce behind this Harvard born soft pornographic rag, falling somewhere between Playboy, Mad and the New Yorker in its haphazard content – is that the magazine wasn’t actually very funny.

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