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Author: Aly AW

Egyptian-born and multilingual cinephile, Aly’s love of cinema started early as a child when he would spend full days watching movie marathons in the cinema with his dad. Aly started editing since he was eight and grew on to have an obsessive appreciation for analyzing and decoding films.

Deserted Island Movie Collection: Anything Kubrick, Tarantino, or Coen Brothers (Guilty Pleasure: The MCU)

Best Movie Snack: The saltiest of popcorns of course.

‘Citizen K’ Documentary Charts the ‘Gangster Capitalism’ Era in Russia

Alex Gibney’s latest documentary Citizen K is educational yet unsatisfying. This documentary tries to fit Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s story into 2 hours (which is definitely not an easy task) – from his rise to financial power in the early days of capitalism to facing off and creating a nemesis no one would dare to touch in Vladimir Putin.

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