Asylum Seeker Horror Story in Netflix’s ‘His House’ Trailer

A couple is granted asylum in the UK and soon discover the house they are placed in may be haunted, in His House for Netflix.

A couple seeks refuge in the UK after narrowly escaping war-ravaged South Sudan and upon being granted asylum, are taken to an apartment where they must live while assimilating into British society.

They soon discover that an evil force is living within their walls, causing them to question the reality they’re in.

His House looks like a terrifying psychological horror film that serves as an allegory for the asylum seeking process that many refugees may have gone through after trying to leave their dangerous, war-torn countries.

It seems like the evil lurking within the walls of their new home may represent the terror they faced in their home country, as well as the condemnation they appear to face by simply entering the community as refugees.

Director Remi Weekes has captured this horror in a gritty, disturbing way, as we can see in the trailer that the film features some horrifying imagery.

His House looks to offer a thought-provoking, terrifying horror viewing experience when it releases in time for Halloween on 30 October 2020.

Check out the trailer below!

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