Documentary on Anton Yelchin’s Short but Impactful Life in ‘Love, Antosha’

At the time of his tragic death in 2016, twenty-seven-year-old actor Anton Yelchin was one of Hollywood’s most interesting actors.

Having gained recognition for his roles in Green Room (2015), Like Crazy (2011) and the Star Trek (2009-) franchise, Anton Yelchin was at the top of his game when he was killed in a freak accident at home.

Three years on and a documentary celebrating Yelchin’s life and passions outside of acting is set for release later this year.

Love, Antosha aims to paint a realistic picture of Yelchin’s life through his journals, writing, photography and musical pursuits and includes extensive interviews with his family, friends and colleagues, including Chris Pine, Nicolas Cage, Willem Dafoe and Jodie Foster.

Born in the Soviet Union to a family of artists, Yelchin moved to America with his parents as a six-month-old and began acting at nine.

Over the course of his short but fulfilling career, Yelchin gained a large fan base for his versatility as an actor and willingness to try new things and never be typecast.

The film is director Garret Price’s first time behind the camera (he’s more known for his work as an editor) and is sure to be a tearjerker.

As a fan of Yelchin, I was filled with both happiness and sadness watching this trailer.

It’s fantastic that such an incredible talent and unique personality is being highlighted, but also deeply upsetting that Yelchin was cut down in the prime of his life with so much more to offer.

Love, Antosha will be in cinemas from 2 August 2019.

Check out the trailer below.


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