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‘Annabelle: Creation’ – Trailer for New Evil Doll Horror Film

Australians Mirando Otto and Anthony LaPaglia lead the cast in Annabelle: Creation – the prequel film about the evil doll Annabelle, based in The Conjuring universe.

Annabelle: Creation is the origin story of the demonically possessed doll Annabelle, based in universe of The Conjuring films, with that series’ first film originally hitting theatres in 2013 under the direction of Australia’s own James Wan.

That film spawned a sequel in 2016, as well as a spinoff titled Annabelle in 2014.

The first Annabelle film left a lot to be desired so it’s interesting to see that another film in that spinoff series is being released, however the mainstream horror market is huge around the world, so this one will surely get some bums in seats.

Creation is produced by Wan and will be directed by David F. Sandberg, after the two worked together in the same capacity in 2016’s popular horror film Lights Out.

The evil-doll horror character has been around for a long time, so there’s obviously something bringing audiences back, and Annabelle is no exception.

Going by the trailer for this one, the doll is as creepy as ever, and the trailer features some genuine jump-scares.

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With two super-talented Aussie actors leading the film, this could very well be a genuinely scary mainstream horror film when it hits Australian cinemas on 10 August 2017.

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