Awesome Video Highlights the Art References in ‘Alien: Covenant’

Whatever your thoughts on Ridley Scott’s recent Alien outings, the unparalleled beauty of the photography cannot be questioned.

For the most part, all directors are students of art.

For some, that statement applies literally, as it does for Steve McQueen and Kathryn Bigelow, who both started out in fine art.

For others, it applies in a more general sense; directors work in a visual medium, so it is only natural they would be fascinated by aesthetic beauty and expression.

Ridley Scott is no exception, as is illustrated in this obsessively compiled exploration of artistic influences on Alien: Covenant (see our review here).

Although the video’s creator is quite generous with some of the connections, others are as clear as day.

The fascinating element of the video, is how much of the inspirations themselves, had been influenced by other artwork and narratives.

Several paintings referenced were visual depictions of imagery in John Milton’s epic poem, and his magnum opus, ‘Paradise Lost’.

Several others were inspired by Dante Alighieri’s ‘Divine Comedy’.

Beauty and expression aside, the one thing that can be gleaned from this above all else, is the eternal importance of art to human-kind, and the notion that some imagery and ideas are eternal, and perpetual.

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‘Paradise Lost’ was an exploration of the fall of man, as understood biblically.

And so, from the Book of Genesis, to ‘Paradise Lost’, to Gustave Doré’s ‘The Fall of Lucifer’, we come to Alien: Covenant.

This centuries-long chain represents two profoundly true ideas – firstly, there is nothing new under the sun; and secondly, some art is truly immortal.

Source: HERROZZY @ Vimeo

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