‘Little Evil’ – Trailer for New Horror-Comedy Starring Adam Scott

Adam Scott and Evangeline Lilly star in the upcoming horror-comedy Netflix exclusive film from the director of the hilarious Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010).

Gary (Scott) marries the woman of his dreams, Samantha (Lilly), and all is going well – except for the fact that he’s having trouble connecting with her young son – suspecting that he may be the Antichrist.

The whole son-of-the-devil angle has been done many a time before in horror, though I don’t recall too-many a comedic take on that sub-genre having been done.

The trailer sets the tone of the comedy we can expect, and while there aren’t many laugh-out-loud moments in the trailer, there will likely be plenty in the final product.

The film comes to us from director Eli Craig, who directed the outstanding horror-comedy film Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010).

That film was truly unique, and hilarious, so if Little Evil is anything close to that, then we should be in for a treat with this one.

The film releases exclusively on Netflix on 1 September 2017.

Check out the trailer below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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