2nd Trailer for Serial-Killer Thriller ‘The Snowman’ with Michael Fassbender

The 2nd, international trailer for Tomas Alfredson’s The Snowman gives us a deeper look at the film’s plot, and how its protagonists tie up to the killer.

The film follows lead detective Harry Hole (Fassbender), on the case of decades-old murders by the elusive Snowman serial-killer, who appears to have just struck again.

This new trailer reveals more of the film’s plot, as well as the direction it appears to be going in.

Present are all the common serial-killer movie tropes, including the misdirection of police by the killer, and the killer getting personal and toying with the police.

It feels like it’s all been done before thematically, so it will be interesting to see what will separate this film from the rest of the crowded pack.

The plus side to everything is that it stars one of the best working actors in Hollywood today in Michael Fassbender, and he’s joined by an outstanding supporting cast that includes Rebecca Ferguson, J.K. Simmons, Chloë Sevigny, Val Kilmer and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Its directed by Tomas Alfredson, who directed the fantastic horror film Let the Right One In (2008), and going off that film, one thing’s for certain, Alfredson knows how to build a gripping cinematic atmosphere.

He looks to follow that trend in the The Snowman, having shot it in icy Norwegian locations, with the snowy landscape itself potentially playing a secondary, desolate character, adding to the tension.

We’ve seen the snowy atmospheric vibe in Let the Right One In as mentioned, but also in a film like Christopher Nolan’s Insomnia (2002), where again, the setting adds an extra, almost claustrophobic element to the thrilling tone.

The Snowman releases across cinemas on 19 October 2017.

Let us know if you’re looking forward to this in the comments below.

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