’20th Century Women’ – First-Look Teaser Trailer

A teaser for the Mike Mills directed dramedy 20th Century Women has been released, taking us back to a time that feels like ancient history, the late 70’s.

There’s a certain charm about films set in the 60’s and 70’s, maybe it’s due to the lifestyles of the times, maybe it’s due to all the amazing art and music released in those times.

Whatever the reason, 20th Century Women appears to have captured that same charm as you’ll see in the trailer below.

With the little that’s been revealed so far, it looks like this film will have a bit of everything – one of those films that could make you laugh and cry in the same session, which is always good.

The official synopsis for the film is as follows:

20th Century Women is a loving portrait of three remarkable women, led by Dorothea (Annette Bening), who is the devoted and iconoclastic mother of teenager Jamie, Abbie (Greta Gerwig) a punk photographer and Jamie’s rebellious friend Julie (Elle Fanning). These women, each from a different era of the 20th century, come together to help teach Jamie about life and love, sex and freedom, men and women. Set in Santa Barbara in the summer of 1979, filled with punk-rock verve, 20th Century Women takes a humorous and heartfelt look at how we figure out who we are and the many ways we create families.

The film features an outstanding principal cast with four-time Oscar-nominee Annette Bening leading the way.

She’s joined by the up-and-coming starlet Elle Fanning, the extremely talented Great Gerwig and one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood in Billy Crudup.

The film is directed by Mike Mills of Beginners fame, which was met with a positive reception when it came out in 2011.

The film is due out some time in 2017 and we’ll keep you posted as more details and trailers emerge.

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