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Hilarious Weird Trailer for ‘Justice League’

The Weird Trailer for Justice League is the funniest thing you’ll see today and I can’t believe I haven’t gotten onto these sooner.

We’ve had a few funny YouTube videos pop over the last few days, including the Vin Diesel v Jason Statham Lightsaber Battle and the Thor’s Absence from Civil War Explained video, however this Weird Trailer for Justice League takes the cake.

The video comes to us from YouTube user Aldo Jones who mashes up trailers for blockbuster films by adding weird characters and funny props to them.

For instance, you’ll see Santa Claus, Eddie Murphy and Danny Trejo appear in the hilarious trailer below, just to mention a few of the absurdities that appear.

This trailer reminds me of the classic style comedy spoof films like Hot Shots and The Naked Gun, where a laugh from the audience was sought out by any means necessary, no matter how ridiculous the scene you were watching was.

Check out the funny video below and you can see more of Jones’ work by clicking on his name above.

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