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The Ten Highest Paid Actors Over the Last Year

A list of the highest paid actors over the period between June 2015 and June 2016 was recently released and we’ve gathered the top ten here.

The list was initially released by Forbes, based on a list of the highest paid celebrities, however the folks over at Screen Rant have narrowed the list down to only the highest earning actors, which you can see below (in $USD):

10. Jennifer Lopez ($39.5 MILLION)

9. Sofia Vergara ($43 MILLION)

8. Ben Affleck ($43 MILLION)

7. Jennifer Lawrence ($46 MILLION)

6. Johnny Depp ($48 MILLION)

5. Tom Cruise ($53 MILLION)

4. Matt Damon ($55 MILLION)

3. Jackie Chan ($61 MILLION)

2. Dwayne Johnson ($64.5 MILLION)

1. Kevin Hart ($87.5 MILLION)

There are some surprising names I wasn’t expecting to see there, like Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara and Kevin Hart (especially at number one!), but it’s no surprise Dwayne Johnson is sitting pretty in the second spot there, as the man is in everything these days, and so he should be.

Johnny Depp would have to be the most over-paid in that list, considering he hasn’t starred in anything good in several years.

It’s good to see Ben Affleck getting a large cut after his turn as Batman in Batman v Superman, when you consider all the hate he got in advance of the film’s release, and all the hate the film got post-release.

Jackie Chan is a bit of a surprise, however his name has global appeal and he’s definitely earned this reward after the long career he’s built for himself.

Along with Affleck, Jennifer Lawrence, Matt Damon and Tom Cruise are probably the four greatest pure actors on that list and all deserve to be there in my opinion.

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