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Suicide Squad Sets Box Office Record on Opening Day

Warner Bros. Pictures’ latest blockbuster Suicide Squad has broken the box office record on its way to the number one spot at the Australian box office.

The film based on DC Comics characters and the latest set in the DC Extended Universe has taken $3,213,153 at the Australian box office on its opening day, making it the biggest opening day ever for an August release.

Suicide Squad had the number two overall opening day for a superhero movie in 2016, falling just behind Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on $3.41 million and ahead of Captain America: Civil War on $3.06 million and Deadpool on $2.94 million.

Suicide Squad also marks the biggest opening day for a Will Smith film in Australia, surpassing 2008’s I Am Legend.

Internationally, the film brought in in $20.5 million USD on its opening night in the American market, which destroyed the previous August release record holder, Guardians of the Galaxy, which brought in $11.2 million USD.

It’s a huge take and good news for the film, considering the reviews haven’t been the best for it (currently sitting on 26% on Rotten Tomatoes).

The true test will be to see if the movie can keep it up on a weekly basis while it’s on cinemas, as sometimes the box office takings can drop significantly from week-to-week for some blockbusters.

Check back here in the next couple of days for my review of Suicide Squad.

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