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Category: Reviews


The Glenrowan Affair (1951) – Throwback Classic Film Review

There’s one thing greater than seeing a cinematic masterpiece, and that’s seeing a cinematic trainwreck! No matter how many times we tell ourselves that we, as modern cinema goers, are highbrow folk who prefer films that are tasteful and inspiring, we all LOVE a good Z-grade flick.

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The Gateway Bug – Review

The award winning indie documentary The Gateway Bug reveals the ever growing industry of producing insects, such as crickets, for human consumption. Directed by Johanna B. Kelly and Cameron Marshad, this documentary focuses on the environmental benefits of eating insects, the issue of world hunger and the fact that in the not-so-distant future, we will start to run out of food.

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Spider-Man (2002) Retrospective – Review

With all the buzz regarding the new Spider-Man movie and Tom Holland bringing to life the third attempt of the web-slinger in just 15 years, it’s fun to look back at what was attempted not that long ago. So if you wanted to see how Marvel’s rendition of the wall-crawling hero measures up to Sony’s earlier attempts, never fear, I’ve saved you from having to watch over 4 hours of Peter Parker crying over his dead Uncle Ben, again.

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The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Retrospective – Review

While The Amazing Spider-Man may have lost some people in its dramatic start and the mysterious truth behind the disappearance of Peter Parker’s parents, it quickly makes up for it with the charismatic Andrew Garfield showing us what a loner, lanky nerd is really like in the new millennium.

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