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Category: Reviews


Hell or High Water – Review

You’re a young man, you struggle to keep a roof over your head and support two young kids and an ex-wife’s child support in 21st century Texas. Enter your brother, an ex-convict with a history of bank robberies and a penchant for breaking the law — this is Hell Or High Water, the story of two brothers who must pay off their family ranch before it’s seized by the bank.

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The Girl on the Train – Review

The film adaptation of Paula Hawkins’s bestseller The Girl on the Train has attracted plenty of buzz, no least because the novel has been compared endlessly to the feministic whodunit Gone Girl. But the comparisons end there. David Fincher’s adaptation of the aforementioned film packed a sadistically twisty, darkly humorous punch. Tate Taylor’s The Girl on the Train, however? Well, it essentially fails at providing audiences with a similarly satisfying proverbial blow to the gut.

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