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Peter Helliar Joins the Cast of Storks

It’s been announced that Australian comedian/presenter Peter Helliar will be lending his voice to The Wolf Pack in the upcoming animated film Storks.

He’ll be joining Andy Samberg, Kelsey Grammar, Jennifer Aniston, Ty Burrell and Katie Crown in the film about baby-delivering storks.

In true Helliar fashion, he went on to say about his role in the film:

“When I was asked to join the cast of STORKS I said yes because Jennifer Aniston and I have always wanted to work with each other,” said Helliar. “Now that we have, we have become lifelong friends and I look forward to her replying to my emails.”

The film is out on the 22 September, so this must have been some extremely late casting, unless he’d done it a while ago and the announcement was kept under wraps until now.

Either way, it’s a nice addition to the already impressive voice cast of the film, especially considering Helliar is one of the top Australian comedians and TV personalities.

Storks is directed by Nicholas Stoller, whose directing credits include the hilarious comedies Forgetting Sarah Marshall and the recent Neighbors films.

For a director who has primarily focused his work on adult comedies, it should be interesting to see how Storks will turn out as it’s a film targeted towards children.

Check out the short announcement clip below which features Helliar doing some voice work in the film.

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