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Trailer for Orson Welles Documentary ‘They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead’

In 1941 Orson Welles released Citizen Kane and changed the face of cinema forever.

To this day it’s still regarded as a game changer and he went on to make other masterpieces such as The Third Man (1949) and Touch of Evil (1958).

The new documentary They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead, due out this year, chronicles Welles’ hard-fought journey to get what would be his final film, titled The Other Side of the Wind, finished and released.

Sadly it never eventuated, but in recent times has in fact been completed by a group of filmmakers, and a resemblance of Orson Welles’ finished product will be seen.

The documentary also seems to cover Welles’ strong and often confrontational work ethic, but given the strength of some of his work it has no doubt paid off.

It also appears to document his downfall and being shunned from the Hollywood system after a string of misfires and burning a few bridges along the way.

Judging from the trailer below, it appears Welles had a huge passion to get the film made and this documentary doesn’t look like it will shy away in featuring the type of eccentric yet noble person he was.

They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead hits Netflix along with select cinemas on 2 November 2018.

The completed version of The Other Side of the Wind also arrives on Netflix and select cinemas on the same day.

See the trailers for both below!

Luke Banyai

After having seen Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead at the tender age of 13, it began a love for horror films that eventually expanded into a love for all genres.

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Luke Banyai

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