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The First Images of Shyamalan’s ‘Glass’ Introduce Style to the Unbreakable Series

M. Night Shyamalan, a man whose manipulation of the ‘twist’ plot trope has polarised audiences for over two decades provided the biggest twist of them all with 2016’s Split: His career.

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A Live-Action ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Movie Seeks Jim Carrey To Star As Villain

Just when the curse of terrible video-game movies was lifted earlier this year in Alicia Vikander’s Tomb Raider, it was only a matter of time before audiences had another series to worry about.

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Title Confirmed with First-Look Pics as Wonder Woman 2 Begins Filming

It’s official – the previously announced Wonder Woman 2 is on its way (no surprises there – when a film makes $822 million, you make another) with Warner Bros. announcing the commencement of production on the highly anticipated follow up.

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