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Henry Cavill Teases New Superman Costume

Henry Cavill, star of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman has teased the new look of his costume in the upcoming film, Justice League.

The actor posted the teaser image on his Instagram account earlier today, and it appears that Superman will have an all-black costume in his next outing in Justice League.

The image only shows a close-up of the suit’s crest, but it’s rumoured that the suit will be based on the character’s arc from the comics where the hero returns from death at the hands of Doomsday in a new, all-black suit.

Of course this being the cinematic universe, it’s likely Zack Snyder and company may borrow elements from that storyline but adapt it to fit their own current take on the character and where his story is headed.

Justice League is due out for release next year in November and will be directed by Snyder, as his followup to Batman v Superman.

Check out the image below, as well as a look at a modern version of the suit in DC Comics’ more recent books, and also a look at the suit based on a toy-line that was released a few years back.

What do you think of the new-look suit? Is it a direction people are happy to see it go in?


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