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The Emoji Movie – Your Phone’s Keyboard Characters are Alive in Trailer

The colourful emoji characters on your phone’s keyboard get their own world in the new trailer for the upcoming animation The Emoji Movie.

The ‘Meh’ emoji Gene (T.J. Miller) faces somewhat of an identity crisis after realising that he has more than one emotion to display.

I can’t imagine this film will be any good and it seems like Sony and the film world in general are scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas with this one, however I would be lying if I said I didn’t get a bit of a chuckle watching this trailer.

The Emoji Movie looks similar in style to the smash hit Pixar film Inside Out (2015), as both appear to have themes about identity and self-discovery, and both feature super-cute colourful characters.

That’s obviously a rather broad comparison and I’m sure The Emoji Movie will have more going for it than that, though the full trailer below does convey those similarities.

That can really only be a good thing for The Emoji Movie, as Inside Out was a huge hit and loved by the majority of the population.

As far as kids animations go however, the types of themes on display in both these films are fairly universal and feature across a range of kids animated films.

The Emoji Movie features the voice-acting talents of T.J. Miller, Anna Faris, Sofía Vergara, Patrick Stewart and James Corden and it hits cinemas on 28 July 2017 in the USA and a shocking six weeks later in Australia on 14 September 2017.

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