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‘David Lynch: The Art Life’ – Trailer

The trailer for the documentary film David Lynch: The Art Life gives us a look into the life and upbringing of one of the world’s most renowned directors.

Any film buff would instantly know the name David Lynch, the creative genius behind films like The Elephant Man, Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, Lost Highway and the famous TV series Twin Peaks.

Most of Lynch’s work is famous for its surrealist story aspects, most of which would not appeal to a mainstream audience, but his works are pure brilliance.

This upcoming documentary on his life taps into his artistic side, revealing his love of painting and the scene he grew up in, which largely inspired his artistic career.

Being a fan of documentaries about filmmakers and filmmaking, this definitely looks like a must-watch if it ever makes its way down here.

Lynch has been quiet on the directing front lately, with his last feature film Inland Empire, released ten years ago in 2006.

However fans are happy to know that he, along with co-creator Mark Frost will be releasing the long-awaited third season to Twin Peaks, due out on the small screen in 2017.

The film releases on 9 October 2016 in the UK as part of the London Film Festival, however no word as yet of a local release date.

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