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Big in Japan – Documentary Preview Trailer

Melbourne-based filmmakers Walking Fish Productions recently released a look at their unique take on celebrity culture in their documentary, Big in Japan.

The documentary follows Lachlan McLeod, Louis Dai and David Elliot-Jones as they set out on a journey to Japan to document David’s attempt at becoming a celebrity, or ‘Big in Japan’ as it’s commonly referred to.

The country is well known for embracing non-Japanese people with peculiar or odd talents (or even just physical specimens), and making them mega-celebrities.

The team behind the documentary set out to explore the deeper meaning behind fame and what it takes to become famous in Japan, by chatting to current foreign celebrities that have made it big there, including an Aussie cross-dresser named Ladybeard, a Canadian J-pop wannabe Kelsey Parnigoni and former mixed martial arts/kickboxing star turned TV celebrity, Bob “The Beast” Sapp.

It’s a unique topic to have covered in a documentary and as you’ll see in the preview trailer below, it should make for some fascinating viewing, especially in seeing whether or not David can make it as a celebrity there.

The film is currently in post-production and will be released independently by the filmmakers when completed, however no release date is available at the moment.

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