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Berlin Syndrome – Trailer for New Thriller Film

Berlin Syndrome stars Australia’s Teresa Palmer in a thriller film about being held captive in a foreign country – aka any solo traveller’s worst nightmare.

This isn’t one of those Hostel (2005) type foreign-country nightmarish films though, as it revolves around a relationship that Palmer’s character develops with her captor, played by German actor Max Riemelt.

The trailer gives us a good look at the thrills to expect in this film and does a good job at closing in the walls on us (for a trailer).

The sad truth about a plot like this is that it happens in real life.

The plausibility of such a scenario happening to any solo traveller has the potential to add that extra element of horror to the minds of the audience.

To add to that, it’s a shocking fact that some kidnap victims have been known to fall for their captors, known as the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, and obviously this film’s title is a play on those words.

A film such as this is often a lot more thrilling and scary than anything that features supernatural elements, which is often the norm for widely released horror films these days.

Berlin Syndrome is directed by Australian director Cate Shortland and is due to hit cinemas on 20 April 2017.

Check out the trailer below.

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