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Author: Tina Tsironis

A keen lover of old-school slashers and all movies ultra-twisty, Tina Tsironis is a hyperactive writer excited to critique and unpack any kind of movie within any kind of genre. Deserted Island Movie Collection: Disney's animated films. Best movie snack: Mint Choc-top.

The Eagle Huntress – Review

Animal carcasses, purple nail polish, harsh, remote mountains, and a giggly 13-year-old girl. To view these facets of the 2016 documentary The Eagle Huntress in isolation, is to assume that they wouldn’t mesh ‘properly’ together. After all, what would the bleak Altai mountains have to do with a female living through her first year of teenagerdom? Plenty, as you soon will learn.

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Underworld: Blood Wars – Review

I feel that I need to make a statement before I waste any of your time skirting around the sole truth surrounding the latest instalment in the Underworld franchise – you likely won’t be surprised (or you might be, and that would be a surprise in itself), but it is clear that in Underworld: Blood Wars, style over substance prevails.

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The Light Between Oceans – Review

When the events within a film are intensely complicated and heart-rendering, they will often be handled in one of two ways by filmmakers: with restraint, or with pure, ‘we need you to feel all the sad feels’ melodrama. For the most part, Derek Cianfrance’s adaptation of The Light Between Oceans falls under the latter category.

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The Girl on the Train – Review

The film adaptation of Paula Hawkins’s bestseller The Girl on the Train has attracted plenty of buzz, no least because the novel has been compared endlessly to the feministic whodunit Gone Girl. But the comparisons end there. David Fincher’s adaptation of the aforementioned film packed a sadistically twisty, darkly humorous punch. Tate Taylor’s The Girl on the Train, however? Well, it essentially fails at providing audiences with a similarly satisfying proverbial blow to the gut.

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Bridget Jones’s Baby – Review

Well, here we are again. Yet another Bridget Jones sequel. If you detect a hint of exasperation in that previous sentence, then I applaud you for your acute observational skills. How many sequels does a rom-com need before it can be retired for good? For what it’s worth though, Bridget Jones’s Baby is not completely terrible.

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