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Author: Shalee Moschetti

Shalee is an online coach and freelance writer living in Melbourne. Since completing her Bachelor of Behavioural Studies, she now gets to dive into her other passion, FILM! You can often find Shalee watching movie reviews on YouTube or discussing the ins and outs of films with her friends and family.

Deserted Island Movie Collection: Since I would have a lot of time to kill, I would bring all of John Ford’s movies (there are over 140 after all).

Best Movie Snack: Love a good cheese platter.

Wonder Woman – Cinema’s Gal Gadot vs. TV’s Lynda Carter

June 2017 saw the release of the new Wonder Woman movie starring Gal Gadot as the female heroine. Women across the world praised the movie for the strong female cast and its female director. The original Wonder Woman TV series featured Lynda Carter as the lead and aired over 40 years ago. With the passing of so much time, it is interesting to look at the differences and similarities between the original and renewed Wonder Woman franchise, as well as the two leading ladies, Gal Gadot and Lynda Carter.

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